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If you’re out on a voyage to rediscover yourself, we suggest you set the sails for Silent Shores.

We’ve been providing people with a chance to unwind, in an environment of their choice – for the past, impeccable twelve years. We know your yearnings- no matter what age group you belong to or what designations you hold- we understand your world, and provide you with an array of activities, accommodation and hospitality, that leaves you pampered.
So, getaway from mundane repetitions. Get excited.


At the heart of every journey is your rest. A deep, blissful sleep, can work wonders on those frazzled nerves and tired bodies. You’ll find our abodes aesthetically alluring, and fresh. Our flawless housekeeping principles, ensure you arrive into a room that is spick and span, from the linen to the bathroom tiles. Feel free to choose what serves you best from our 6 categories.


Unleash a treat on your tastebuds. Cuddle them, tickle them, smother them. A cumulative experience, ranging from Indian, to Italian, Continental and Thai cuisine, the food and ambience at every one restaurant of ours, is as unique and varied as the food we serve. The only thing that remains the same, is our impeccable service and exceptional flavours.

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An event, is like a milestone which you reminisce later. Special and beautiful – these achievements are ‘lives jewels’ that you treasure. Whatever be your celebration, we have the space and expertise to breathe life in to your dreams…

Experience the essence of camaraderie with every stay.
Your gracious feedback is deeply appreciated. We value your positive experience and look forward to welcoming you again.

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Our pathway!

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Introducing our all-new Ambrosia Multicuisine Restaurant at Silent Shores, where luxury meets indulgence!

✨ Experience a fresh ambience that exudes sophistication.
✨ Savor exciting new tastes that tantalize your palate.
✨ Explore our revamped menu featuring an array of delectable dishes.
✨ Immerse yourself in a culinary journey like never before, only at Ambrosia.

Come, treat yourself to a world of luxury dining at Silent Shores!

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Summer Specials Just Launched At Our Ambrosia @silentshores.resort.mysore 
Our Favourite Is Mangomisu, Let Us Know Which Is Yours!

Inframe : Mangomisu, Tropical Trifle, Mango Basil Smoothie, Tender Coconut Pudding, Chicken Caesar Wrap