If you’re out on a voyage to rediscover yourself, we suggest you set the sails for Silent Shores. We’ve been providing people with a chance to unwind, in an environment of their choice - for the past, impeccable eight years.

We know your yearnings- no matter what age group you belong to or what designations you hold- we understand your world, and provide you with an array of activities, accommodation and hospitality, that leaves you pampered. So, getaway from mundane repetitions. Get excited.


Highly RecommendedMysore

The Experience

Serenade your loved one - stroll hand in hand. Sense the cool breeze that skims off the lake and the crush of soft lawn beneath your feet. Take a dip in our massive pool, or go cycling. Blast a game of billiards with your friends. Immerse yourself in the aroma of steaming coffee or variations of it, at our bistro on the deck.
Pamper yourself at our spa or salon- choose from our various specialties that will leave you glowing. Tickle your taste buds, or make it exotic with our cuisine range. Cuddle in the cozy and luxurious cocoon of your choice.

Wake up to another beautiful day. Welcome to luxury on the shores of Royale!

The Location

Referred to as the cultural capital of Karnataka, Mysore is blessed with the perfect balance of nature, urban amenities and old-world charm. Marvel at the architectural grandeur of the erstwhile kingdom of Wodeyars, tuck into the traditional delicacies- piping hot bisibele-bath or melt-in-your-mouth mysore paak, climb up Chamundi Hill and see the whole city at it's radiant best during evenings, or go on a safari at Bandipur Tiger Reserve.
Connected by rail, road and air transport, Mysore is easily accessible. Located between Mysore Palace and Brindavan Gardens, our location ensures that heading into city or going out for an excursion is easy, thus keeping you away from the bustle and making the city accessible at the same time.


At the heart of every journey is your rest. A deep, blissful sleep, can work wonders on those frazzled nerves and tired bodies. You’ll find our abodes aesthetically alluring, and fresh. Our flawless housekeeping principles, ensure you arrive into a room that is spick and span, from the linen to the bathroom tiles.
Feel free to choose what serves you best from our 6 categories.


Enter the temples of zen. This is where your body, mind and soul are reincarnated. Where expert hands meet exhausted bodies, where stressed out and tensed minds are cajoled into relaxing, and where weary eyes can rest in astounding peace.
Soothing music, tastefully done interiors and affable service are the norms here.


Unleash a treat on your taste buds. Cuddle them, tickle them, and smother them.
A cumulative experience, ranging from Indian, to Chinese, Continental and Thai cuisine, the food and ambience at every one restaurant of ours, is as unique and varied as the food we serve. The only thing that remains the same, is our impeccable service and exceptional flavors.


An event, is like a milestone which you reminisce later. Special and beautiful - these achievements are lives jewels that you treasure. Whatever be your celebration, we have the space and expertise to breathe life in to your dreams.
You don’t need to run around organizing different aspects, like what the cook needs, or how the lights should be stringed, or where to arrange the tables! All you need to do is, sit down with us and share your dream.