5 Things To Keep in Mind Before Booking A Resort in Mysore

A resort nightmare is something that can ruin your much-anticipated getaway. Yet, it is also something that can be very easily avoided. All it takes is a little planning beforehand. The power of good research will ensure your stay is blissful. 

Mysore is a much sought after getaway destination. The weather-Gods seem to favour the city and hence it boasts of a pleasant climate all year round. It is also a heritage city and the landscape is dotted with breathtaking historical sights. Mysore serves as the gateway to many world-renowned tourist hotspots. Kodagu, Wayanad, Ooty are all very close to Mysore. If nature is your calling, then Bandipur, BR Hills, Nagarahole, Mudumalai forests that border Mysore are sure to set your heart racing.
Such being the case, there is no dearth of stay options at Mysore. Resorts and hotels are aplenty. When it comes to booking a resort in Mysore, it is good to deliberate on these 5 things to ensure your stay is comfortable and blissful –

1. Location

The location of the resort is an all-important factor that determines how convenient your stay is going to be. A well-located resort in Mysore can act as a launchpad for your outings and excursions, at the same time offering easy access to the city. A strategically located resort offers the best of both worlds.

2. Facilities & Amenities

Swimming pool, safe kids’ area, clean and sanitised premises, spa, dining areas, cafe, hygienic surroundings and friendly staff make for a super enjoyable stay. Ensure that the resort you pick places emphasis on the quality of facilities and amenities it offers.

3. Nearby Attractions

Make sure the resort offers good connectivity. Nobody wants to be stranded in the middle of nowhere! It is an added advantage if the tourist hotspots are in close proximity. Time saved by less travelling is time gained for merriment!

4. Budget

A resort may offer the moon, but not everybody can afford the moon, can they? A good resort is one that offers the best amenities and facilities at a price tag that makes it affordable to the majority of the people. Some resorts may undercut the stay charges but then oversell their facilities. Make sure the resort you pick offers the services you need and fits your budget at the same time. 

5. Reviews

The power of social media is waiting to be harnessed! Before booking your stay, quick internet research will tell you if all is as it is shown! Real words of real people with real photographs are worth way more than well-written ad campaigns. Online travel forums, Google reviews, other review sites and social media platforms are a great help at evaluating the worth of a resort.

Silent Shores Resort & Spa

Silent Shores is the perfect getaway – the best resort in Mysore. Its location is such that every major tourist attraction – be it the heritage sights and attractions of the city or the nearby well-renowned travel hotspots that surround Mysore are in close proximity, yet the peace, calm and solitude of your stay is undisturbed. We have been providing people with a chance to unwind, in an environment of their choice, for the past, impeccable eight years. We know your yearnings – no matter what age group you belong to or what designations you hold – we understand your world and provide you with an array of activities, accommodation and hospitality that leaves you pampered. Be it well-equipped rooms, a relaxing and rejuvenating Spa, a refreshing swimming pool, a blissful lakeside Cafe or the many dining choices, every small detail has been handpicked to make your stay extremely enjoyable. 

So, get away from mundane repetitions. Set your sails for Silent Shores and enjoy the best family holiday. Make memories you will cherish for a lifetime.