A shot of whiskey or a pitcher of beer for you and your friends. Watch your favourite sports channel while you indulge in lager, or huddle with your mates and enjoy a casual evening away from business and work.

Pleasant and relaxed, choose from the extensive beverages or cocktails to whet your senses. Extremely comfortable, plush, high-back sofas; ensure comfort for those long durations, and sometimes extended conversations about nothing. Seating arrangements for two, as well as bigger groups are available.

Head to the bar-counter and perch on the bar-stool, watch the bartender go around getting your favourite drink off the shelf, or watch him in the act of preparing a cocktail, or swivel towards the LCD panel. Either ways, your evening is a round of happiness.
Order platters of grilled, fried or baked- veggies and meat; to savour with your favourite tipple. Cheers!

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