Your evening get-away, and a chance to soak up all that moonlight. Set on a lawn adjoining the lake, this is the perfect romantic dinner spot. The fountains and light create a soothing ambience to your evening, while you catch up with friends and family, or sit lost in the eyes of your beloved.

An open kitchen, sports our tandoori masters culinary skills, whilst adding a round of appetizing whiff for all present. The menu comprises of Indian, Tandoor, Continental and Oriental Cuisines. With heaps of dishes to choose from, we ensure that there’s something to suit your dietary preference.

The space can accommodate larger groups as well. Prominent sport events are telecast live on big-screen. You could sit debating why your team is numero uno, and keep munching on those Dhingri Navabi’s, Paneer Pakodas, nachos and ale. Later, when the never ending debate is forgotten, and everybody is busy scooping out steaming Kalan Milage or Punjabi Kadi Pakodi with hot roti’s that have butter melting on them, your mind will have painted a beautiful picture, the one that puts a grin on your face years later, like spring after rain.