Balinese Spa Rituals

Be prepared to be smothered in pleasure, for we bring forth, the magical Balinese-Massage from Indonesia.

A cumulative study of Indian, Chinese and Southeast-Asian medicines led to the development of this massage in Bali. Acupressure and a variety of other massaging techniques using essential oils, are combined with aromatherapy; this helps relax your muscles, stimulate your lymphatic system, and increase blood flow.

The massage strengthens and enhances your aura, or as the Bali people refer to it as - Qi - which is the energy that surrounds your body.


  • Royal Sandal Spa Body Ritual

    For All Types Of Skin

  • Chocolate Temptation Body Ritual

    For Normal Skin

  • Coffee Delight Body Ritual

    For Dry Skin

  • Pampering Green Tea Body Ritual

    For Sensitive Skin

  • Signature Whitening Body Ritual

    For Oily Skin

  • Sea Marine Body Ritual

    Natural Moisture